Working from Home: Missing the Office.

As I sit down this weekend to relax watching TV, a curious thought comes over me. "It feels like I'm still at work". Even though it's a Saturday and I slept in until 9.30, it feels almost like I'm working today but without actually being at work if that makes any sense? I think what … Continue reading Working from Home: Missing the Office.


Life Update – 2021.

Well, where were we then! It amazes me that I haven't written a blog post since August 2019 (!!) when so much has happened in my life and in life general that would deserve writing about. However, I've just not been feeling it. It hasn't helped that I've been busy with increasing workloads in my … Continue reading Life Update – 2021.

Winning “Micro Influencer of the Year”

A few months ago I was nominated for an award at the Mental Health Blog awards as the list of nominations for each award were skimmed down to around half a dozen people. My nomination was in the category of "Micro Influencer of the Year" and I was absolutely over the moon to have been … Continue reading Winning “Micro Influencer of the Year”

Book Review #5 Anxious Arthur (Louise Tribble with illustration by Rhiannon Thomas).

Please note: the author of this book kindly sent me a copy of this book free of charge and while I agreed to review her book, I was not paid to do so and have no affiliation with her work, beyond a love and support for people raising awareness of mental illness. Something a little … Continue reading Book Review #5 Anxious Arthur (Louise Tribble with illustration by Rhiannon Thomas).

Living with Panic Attacks – Guest Post by Eleanor Segall

For this year's Time to Talk Day, I am very pleased to announce that I have a guest post written by the amazing writer and mental health advocate Eleanor Segall. Eleanor has written a wonderful, honest and very relatable post about living with panic attacks, having anxiety and how she has sought out therapy and … Continue reading Living with Panic Attacks – Guest Post by Eleanor Segall

#TimeToTalk Day 2019

Very proud and honoured to have been featured for this Time to Talk Day, in a blogpost written by the amazing Cara. This is a really good read with loads of different mental health advocates talking about: why they became an advocate, sharing their story, what advice they would give to others and what ingredients … Continue reading #TimeToTalk Day 2019

Mental Health Support at Work.

Starting my first job recently, I've naturally had ups and downs with my mental wellbeing. Particularly in the first month, my anxiety was absolutely awful and I really struggled with getting used to my new role and finally having a job. Now that I'm over four months into my role though and coming up to … Continue reading Mental Health Support at Work.

Why I’m Not Good At Receiving Praise.

This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone from what I've posted already, but I'm not good at receiving praise. At all. I've seen quite a lot recently about people with mental illness (very often depression and anxiety like me) who feel unworthy of praise and this is what I have felt like for … Continue reading Why I’m Not Good At Receiving Praise.