Talking About Mental Health – Guest Post By Charlotte Underwood.

Hi everyone. I've got a very special treat for you with today's post, which is written by the fantastic Charlotte Underwood. Charlotte is an amazing writer and mental health advocate who posts a lot about anxiety, depression and suicide, with a view to raising awareness and tackling the stigma around mental illnesses. Her website is: … Continue reading Talking About Mental Health – Guest Post By Charlotte Underwood.


Time to Talk UK – Updates and Funding Pledge.

Hi everyone. As you may or may not already know, I currently volunteer for a mental health group based on Facebook called "Time to Talk UK". This group is dedicated to combating the stigmatisation around mental illness by connecting people with lived experiences together in a safe and supportive environment. The group is run by … Continue reading Time to Talk UK – Updates and Funding Pledge.

Book Review #3 – A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes (Lucy Nichol)

I bought this book and read it not longer after it was released in February this year. Along with Hope Virgo's "Stand Tall Little Girl", which I reviewed in my last book review post, I finished this brilliant book on the train down to London for Time to Change training, as I couldn't put it … Continue reading Book Review #3 – A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes (Lucy Nichol)

Reflecting on my TTC Instagram Page Takeover.

As you may know from my previous post and have possibly seen from my Twitter or Instagram page this past weekend, I took over the Time to Change Instagram page (specifically the stories section) last Saturday. This involved me posting text posts on the stories section discussing my history of mental illness, my work with … Continue reading Reflecting on my TTC Instagram Page Takeover.

Taking Over the Time to Change Instagram Page!

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and good and just wanted to say before I get going with this post, apologies for my lack of activity on here. Due to physical illness and distractions like having a job interview and various other projects, I've let my blogging slip a little but am planning … Continue reading Taking Over the Time to Change Instagram Page!

[Guest Blog] Fighting ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Earlier this month I was given the platform by the amazing Charlotte Underwood (mental health blogger and advocate) to share my experiences on a topic around mental health and I chose to share my experiences of ‘toxic masculinity’, how this has affected my mental health and how I am coming to terms with fighting and combating it. Too many kids, especially boys, are told that their feelings and emotions shouldn’t be expressed and that this leads to them not understanding that they are ok to have mental health issues.

This directly influences the high suicide rates in boys aged between 18 and 45, I believe and it is a direct consequence of society telling boys that they can’t express their emotions for fear of not being a ‘proper man’, that men feel suicide is the only option. We need to do more to support boys right from childhood and combat the high suicide rates in men. This is what I’m hoping to show through my blog-post and I urge anyone interested to follow Charlotte’s blog as well and share her content.

Best Wishes,

Peter xx

Charlotte Underwood

Blog Feature (1).jpgTodays Guest Post is by the lovely Peter Shaw (@pjshaw192), I’m in love with his words and I am sure you will be too! The only way we can end Toxic Masculinity is by talking about it – which is what Peter is doing. 

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for around 10 years now. I could talk for hours about the signs that I should have seen, and acted on in terms of getting help but didn’t.

When I was at school, mental health wasn’t something discussed, I don’t remember any lessons on mental health, mental illnesses and the importance of understanding mental health.

I didn’t get the chance to be visited by any of the amazing mental health charities that exist in England and go into schools delivering presentations and there were no mental health services available at my school.

If I ever felt nervous…

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Book Review #2 – Stand Tall Little Girl (Hope Virgo)

Hope Virgo is a mental health advocate who works tirelessly speaking in schools, workplaces and other organisations about her experiences of eating disorders and helping to break the stigma around the illness. In her book, Stand Tall Little Girl, she writes an honest and open portrayal of her struggles with an eating disorder, how it … Continue reading Book Review #2 – Stand Tall Little Girl (Hope Virgo)

The Importance of Self-Care

Since I started to focus more on my mental health over two years ago, I've been struck by how the idea of focusing on and treating my mental health the same as my physical health seemed strange and was difficult to get used too. Gradually however, I've begun to get used to it and to … Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care