Busy Week Continued (2nd Event)

Following on from my previous post, I will be looking back at how the 1st event of this busy week went and how I did with two other events recently which came one after the other. These involved more traveling, earlier times to get up and longer days than I am used too, and I … Continue reading Busy Week Continued (2nd Event)

Preparing for a busy week (1st Event)

Every Monday for the past couple of months I have been attending Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions for my social anxiety and depression, and it has been a difficult and tough process so far, with lots of focus on looking at how my mind works, how it affects my behaviour negatively and ultimately how I … Continue reading Preparing for a busy week (1st Event)

Having a setback is not the end of the world

Having a tough week Last week seemed like it would be a good one at the beginning. On Sunday, I went out for drinks for the first time in months after playing football and the next day, I had a CBT session during which I discusses an upcoming party on Friday, which I was nervous … Continue reading Having a setback is not the end of the world

Book Review #1 – We’re All Mad Here (Claire Eastham)

We're All Mad Here - Claire Eastham. As you might be able to imagine from the picture below, this book means a lot to me and is one I highly recommend to anyone with social anxiety. I've reviewed and recommended this book before (there's a review on the amazon page by a certain someone as … Continue reading Book Review #1 – We’re All Mad Here (Claire Eastham)

Mental Health at University

As someone who's only recently come to terms with my mental health and begun getting help for my issues, I've often talked about university as a turning point for myself; the point when my mental health issues became too much for me to manage with through ignorance and avoidance. This wasn't entirely down to just … Continue reading Mental Health at University