Having a Panic/Anxiety Attack.

(Trigger Warning: This post discusses panic/anxiety attacks and talks about an attack that happened to me, including how I felt and how I overcame it. If you are triggered by this please don't read on, or if you do look after yourself and exercise self-care afterwards). Please Note: This was originally written last Tuesday 17th … Continue reading Having a Panic/Anxiety Attack.

The Green Button Project – An Introduction and My Involvement.

As readers of this blog will know from previous posts and from my recent social media posts, I have been sharing my story of mental health issues and stigma, since I first began volunteering with Time to Change nearly two years ago. I firmly believe that sharing your story, your experiences and your feelings around … Continue reading The Green Button Project – An Introduction and My Involvement.

The Green Button Campaign

Very proud to say that I have recently joined this campaign as well, and before I post about the campaign in more detail, I just wanted to link to a post by Head Campaigner Vanessa, outlining what the campaign is, what it stands for and how you can get involved as well. Mental Health Awareness Week starting on the 14th May will begin some amazing work but be sure to look out for more info and posts on their website and social media pages until then!

For today’s post, I’d like to share with you all what I have been up to…

I have joined an amazing campaign that is called The Green Button Campaign. Our aim is to raise awareness on all mental health and get rid of the stigma attached!

The group consists of bloggers and social media influencers! You can join the team and help us out… Become a part of the #BloggersAgainstStigma

We are aiming to raise as much awareness during Mental Health Week, May 14th – 20th. Therefore there will be mental health related posts once a day on my blog during this time period – just a lil heads up!

My role in the campaign is Head Campaigner in Recruitment, Community and PR!

Logo (1).png

There are two specific roles of campaigner and promoter, plus other volunteer positions. So if you would like to get involved contact us 🙂

Our email address…

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A piece of Peter’s mind

This is a post I wrote on a friend’s blog about my mental health history and experiences with therapy, treatment and stigma. I’m proud to be part of a brilliant mental health community online and a member of the Time to change movement, both of which are trying to tackle stigma and change our perceptions of mental health. Be sure to give the blog a read and look at the other stories on there as they are all amazing and from very brave and strong people who I hugely admire.

Some Piece of Mind


Hi, I’m Peter and I’ve struggled with my mental health now for around 10 years having had depression and social anxiety for as long as I can remember being around people! Only recently have I actually sought help for these issues, but it’s better late than never and I have found the support I have gotten in the last two and a half years to be absolutely vital in getting me to where I am today.

To go back to the start, I began to struggle with depression and anxiety while at school, but never really understood what it was I was going through and didn’t have an outlet or anyone to talk too about my feelings. Which meant that I ignored them, hoped for them to go away and put them down as adolescent angst or puberty. Two things happened though after I left school, which got me to…

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Mental Health and being a Woman…

Following on from my recent post about CALM’s #Project84, I wanted to highlight this post, which highlights how we need to also focus on the rising issue of suicide in females. I wholeheartedly agree and think we need to challenge the discrimination and stereotypes both men and women face when trying to talk about their mental health, as too many people of either gender feel like suicide is the only option for them and this needs tackling.

Not quite curvy; definitely real

There are 84 sculptures standing precariously on the edges of tall buildings in London. Each one represents one of the 84 men a week who die by suicide every week. You might have seen them overhead, on TV or in recent articles about male suicide – they were striking, prevalent and rightly so. For the men themselves, the families and friends involved and campaigners who work tirelessly to raise awareness of issues behind and surrounding mental health and suicide in males and the silence and stigma that comes with that, CALM’s #Project84  gave the subject a visual platform which couldn’t be ignored.

Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 50 in the UK and three times as many men die by suicide than women. It’s understandable that so many campaigns on suicide emphasise this fact and use these statistics to encourage men to speak out about…

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