Winning “Micro Influencer of the Year”

A few months ago I was nominated for an award at the Mental Health Blog awards as the list of nominations for each award were skimmed down to around half a dozen people. My nomination was in the category of “Micro Influencer of the Year” and I was absolutely over the moon to have been chosen as one of just a few people to possibly win this award. Never though did I expect to win, however much to my surprise as I was sat at home a couple of weeks ago, news came through on Twitter that I had indeed won!

The lovely Lorna at Living Beyond the Borderline was one of the first to notify and congratulate me and I was absolutely stunned to put it mildly. The fact that so many people, fellow mental health bloggers and people who I am in awe of and who’s tireless work to end the stigma of mental illness, voted for me was overwhelming.

I don’t post as frequently as I would like on here, nor do I often feel like I am making as much impact as other people, but I have tried to be as supportive with other people as possible in the lovely community we have online, while also taking part in various projects in blogging and carrying on volunteering. But I still didn’t expect this, and without getting too mushy, I really do want to thank everyone for all their support.

I know two people who originally nominated me (Lorna herself and the ever amazing Charlotte Underwood) but if you nominated and voted for me too thank you so much. Your support means the world and to be recognised for being influential and supportive is something I am very proud of .

To all the people who won too well done. And what a category of people to be in! Anneli at Pigletish is absolutely one of the kindest and most supportive people in person and online, as is Cara who I know from Time to Change volunteering and Leah who I joined TTC at the same time as. Alongside them, the amazing Beth at Real Miss Anxiety, Messy4Mind and Hope Virgo won, three hugely influential bloggers who’s work I’m in awe of.

Check out their work if you haven’t and support them online where you can, they are all amazing and once again thank you to all who voted for me. Of course though, it isn’t all about the winners or people who would nominated at all and I think the most inspiring part of these awards is seeing how many different people they bring together in the community and anyone who blogs, vlogs, posts or talks about their mental illness in any way is inspiring. You are all helping to change the world for the better and improve society for future generations so well done to all who do that.

While I will be proudly displaying my award and giving it pride of place in my bedroom, I will also be remembering how inspiring I find everyone else in this community and how much volunteering has helped me to overcome personal and professional barriers over the last 3 years.

Best Wishes,

Peter xx

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