Mental Health Support at Work.

Starting my first job recently, I've naturally had ups and downs with my mental wellbeing. Particularly in the first month, my anxiety was absolutely awful and I really struggled with getting used to my new role and finally having a job. Now that I'm over four months into my role though and coming up to … Continue reading Mental Health Support at Work.

My 2018 Review.

While I'm not someone who goes in for making new year's resolutions, I am someone who likes to look back on the year just gone and see what I've done. Focusing too much on resolutions leads me to beat myself up over where I should be rather than looking at where I actually am and … Continue reading My 2018 Review.

Life Update: How I’m Doing.

As it's been a long time since I last posted, I figured now would be a good time to post about how my life is going since I last posted, what I've been up too and how things are currently going for me. In my last post, you may remember me talking about a job … Continue reading Life Update: How I’m Doing.

Regional Peer Leader – My New Role at TTC.

In my recent post about what I was up too, I discussed starting a new role at Time to Change, the charity campaign I've been a young champion for since 2016 and who have played a huge role in my life recently. This new role involves me being a regional peer leader, which is a … Continue reading Regional Peer Leader – My New Role at TTC.