Living with Panic Attacks – Guest Post by Eleanor Segall

For this year's Time to Talk Day, I am very pleased to announce that I have a guest post written by the amazing writer and mental health advocate Eleanor Segall. Eleanor has written a wonderful, honest and very relatable post about living with panic attacks, having anxiety and how she has sought out therapy and … Continue reading Living with Panic Attacks – Guest Post by Eleanor Segall

#TimeToTalk Day 2019

Very proud and honoured to have been featured for this Time to Talk Day, in a blogpost written by the amazing Cara. This is a really good read with loads of different mental health advocates talking about: why they became an advocate, sharing their story, what advice they would give to others and what ingredients they feel are important for a conversation about mental health. Let’s keep talking and discussing our mental health and never be ashamed to do so!

Cara’s Corner

Last year on Time To Talk day I created a post full of wonderful stories from different people about why it was good for them to talk about their mental health.

Many of you will be aware of how much I adore Time To Change and what an impact working for them has had on my life. I think this day is a fantastic idea and I like to try and be a part of it if I can. This year, the theme is about ‘ingredients’ that contribute to a mental health conversation. With that in mind, I decided I wanted to ask questions to some of the wonderful mental health advocates out there and create a post made up of the responses. It seems fitting to me that my posts on these topics are made of collective voices and experiences rather than just mine, so I put out…

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Story Camp with Time to Change.

Although this post is a little late now, I just wanted to write about how honoured I was to be a part of a special Young Champions Story Camp event put on a couple of weeks ago and how much I enjoyed the event. The event was designed as a special way for Young Champions … Continue reading Story Camp with Time to Change.

Personal Highlights of 2017

While I'm a little late with this, what with 2018 having begun now, I wanted to write a post looking at how 2017 went and what my own personal highlights were. Focusing on the positives, and looking at how I can improve any negatives, it became clear that 2017 had actually been quite a good … Continue reading Personal Highlights of 2017