Mental Health Podcasts

As someone who is interested in all areas of mental health advocacy and support, I love promoting books, other blogs and media that talk about mental health, illnesses, stigma in a positive and open way.

As such, I love listen to podcasts and find that podcasts are a brilliant way of not just passing time on long train journeys or listening to while writing, but that they can help me to learn more about mental illnesses, self-care techniques, the mind and body and all other areas of mental health.

Below are a series of podcasts which focus on mental health and which I highly recommend listening too:

  • Pigletish (Anneli Roberts): Pigletish is a podcast set up by the wonderful Anneli who uses her podcast to talk about mental illness in an honest, frank and sometimes humorous way. She’s interviewed many amazing bloggers, podcasters and mental health champions on the blog and her podcasts never fail to inform, educate or entertain me. The first series with her best friend Sarah on them are amazing to go back to listen too and right as I’m writing this she is well into the second series and has introduced a new partner, Molly Scott, who’s the resident expert and trained psychologist for the blog. Very easy to listen too, particularly if you have some time to yourself and need to unwind, I almost always turn to Pigletish when I need either a distraction or an inspiration to take me out of my depression and anxiety. You can follow her podcast on all major platforms or listen too it on her website.
  • Time to Change Champions Podcast: This is relatively new and obviously I am slightly biased being a Time to Change advocate and Champion myself, but these podcasts are amazing and truly inspiring in terms of how open and honest people are about sharing their mental health issues and difficulties. Hearing from other champions is always amazing to me and so this podcast is perfect for feeling inspired and learning more about what helps people to share and talk about their mental health.
  • Go Friend Your Self (Dr Baker): I’ve mentioned this podcast before in my post about self-care techniques where I shared how helpful I found podcasts in general to be for passing time and learning more about mental health but this podcast is simply incredible to me. Since listening to the first podcast I can say that Dr Baker’s words resonate with me on a level that I only previously found in therapy. The way she talks about self-criticism, low self-esteem, where these issues come from, how they manifest themselves in us and how we can challenge them is amazing and I often find myself writing down notes when listening to her podcasts. Perhaps it’s because her words remind me so much of my CBT, but I highly recommend this podcast for anyone struggling with low self-esteem, or wanting to learn more and self-criticism.
  • Calmer You (Chloe Brotheridge) : Again, I’ve mentioned this in my previous post on self-care but Chloe’s podcasts about anxiety, how to become more confident and calm and use self-care to help your anxiety; are amazing. She doesn’t try to convince you it’s an easy journey or indeed promise that you will be miraculously changed overnight; instead she talks you through how an anxious brain works, how you can use self-care to help yourself and how you can understand that you deserve support and care. Like Dr Baker, she makes sure that we know that loving ourselves isn’t arrogant or narcissistic, it’s hugely important for maintaining our health and something that needs to be taught more about in society.