My 2018 Review.

While I'm not someone who goes in for making new year's resolutions, I am someone who likes to look back on the year just gone and see what I've done. Focusing too much on resolutions leads me to beat myself up over where I should be rather than looking at where I actually am and … Continue reading My 2018 Review.

Blogmas: Coping with Anxiety and Depression at Christmas

I was very honoured to share my thoughts this Christmas with the amazing blogger Cara (over at her blog Cara’s Corner). In this post, I discuss my feelings of depression and anxiety and how the holiday season affects them. I’m going to try and be kinder to myself this Christmas and not put too much pressure on myself to have a ‘perfect’ Christmas full of happiness as that isn’t possible.

Cara’s Corner

I’ve got a post from lovely Peter about his experiences of depression and anxiety at Christmas. He also has his own blog which is well worth a visit!

The holiday period is one we are expected to be happy at. We are constantly being
told to be merry, have lots of amazing parties with our friends and love our families
during this time and we are also sold the idea of Christmas as a time of happiness
and positivity.

Of course, this isn’t the case in reality and quite often Christmas (and the idea of
Christmas) can fuel existing depression and anxiety that many of us struggle with. By
forcing us to spend more time with family, socialise with friends or work colleagues,
while also getting us to think about what we’ve done this past year, the holiday
period can send us spiralling into even worse feelings of depression and…

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#AskTwice – My Thoughts and How We Can Better Support People Struggling.

The new campaign by Time to Change has recently been launched (last month) which will be around for a few months now. It follows on from the 'In Your Corner' campaign which will carry on and aims to highlight an area where we can all try and improve our ability to be in people's corner … Continue reading #AskTwice – My Thoughts and How We Can Better Support People Struggling.

My Thoughts on ‘Body Image Problems’ By Trigger Publishing.

Apologies for the slightly wordy title but rather than call this a straight 'review' of a book, I wanted to highlight that I hadn't quite completed this book as I don't have Body Image Problems or Body Dysmorphia, however I did want to share some thoughts I had on the book. So please if you … Continue reading My Thoughts on ‘Body Image Problems’ By Trigger Publishing.

ManCandy Monday: Peter Shaw

I got the honour recently of sharing my writing with another blog: my and in my post I've written about my experiences of mental illness at school, throughout my life and how I've started to take control of my illnesses. I think it's absolutely essential we teach mental illness in schools and let kids … Continue reading ManCandy Monday: Peter Shaw

How I Have Learned to Love Volunteering.

Something I've noticed a lot since I began sharing my story of mental illness and speaking more about how I was feeling, is that I think a lot about when my life changed. This is sometimes because charities and bloggers will ask me about writing a story or a paragraph on my story and as … Continue reading How I Have Learned to Love Volunteering.

Death and Grief — I am 1 in 4

Writing this post for 1in4 was far from easy, but it's a subject and topic that I've wanted to talk about and share for a while now. My dad dying was a very traumatic event in my life but I try to see it as the point when I began to take charge of my … Continue reading Death and Grief — I am 1 in 4

What’s On My To Be Read List? (Part 1)

As someone who struggles with mental illness on a daily basis, I find one of the best things to do to get better is actually confronting those illnesses through reading about mental illness and finding relatable stories that comfort me. This may seem strange and I can well understand people in similar positions to me … Continue reading What’s On My To Be Read List? (Part 1)